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Christine (Canada)
Age: 46
Gender: Female

I am really disappointed in this item. It was expensive (almost $120!) and arrived with no product information/instructions and a small box containing a liquid that is packaged with Chinese text. I have no idea if it’s lube or cleaner.

The item itself is very different. I am an experienced user of sex toys. This one, is very underwhelming. I suspected there must be more to it’s capabilities so I emailed the company for product information. After weeks of waiting, I have not heard back from them.

I’d save my money and buy something else if I were you.

Hi Christine,

We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the purchase. We received your inqury on August 23 and we got back to you on August 25. Please do check your email again, it might went into junk. As we expalined to you in the mail, the bottle with foreign characters are a water-based lube as a gift. Aa you mentioned in your email, the total charge on your credit card was $114.99 including 15% tax from your province.

The TryFun Veil has a very powerful head that perform exactly the same as illustrated on the product page. You can use it for your clitoris or you can insert it, and even on your partner. It depends on how your body react and we encourage our customers to explore their body with our toys. If you are a experiences toy user, our clitoris suction toy may suits your better as it generates much more intense and direct stimulation :)

Best regards,
Your Cuddly Assistance