Many scientific studies have shown that sex can actually help improve heart health and the body's immune system. It has also shown to lower levels of stress and anxiety within a person. On top of that, having a strong and active sex life with your partner can really boost the level of intimacy that you have in a relationship. And that is absolutely crucial for maintaining a strong and healthy romance between the two of you.

Here are 6 things you can do to have a healthy and happy sex life.

Do you have certain answers to those questions above? We recommend you to take this breezy Saturday night to spend some time with yourself or your partner to write down this list, and get to know better about yourself. You might be surprised!🤩

Do you know what you like and dislike?

It takes a great deal of effort to gain confidence to be in your own skin. It could be even harder to show the authentic you to your partner and share what you like/dislike in the bedroom.

You are going to find that your sexual pleasure will be severely hampered by any insecurities or self-esteem issues that you might be dealing with. Always try your best to espouse confidence in yourself. Remember that confidence is sexy. 😍 

If a woman doesn’t feel well about her body, it might become more challenging on her to take pleasure from intercourse. Body image, including fat concern, health, intimate attractiveness, and ideas in regards to the human body during intimate task, predict intimate satisfaction in females. The findings claim that ladies who encounter low satisfaction that is sexual reap the benefits of remedies that target these certain areas of human anatomy image.

It’s time to bring out Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones’s amazing TED Talk again - Shed Sexual Shame (and Your Clothes Along the Way) @dr.alyse_sexpert

Open communication, exchange opinions and adjust behaviour are the keys to a lasting relationship - and a great sex life. Start with what you’ve noticed lately that might bothered you and how you feel. Tell your partner you don’t feel secure or comfortable and how you can work it out together. 💗

“Be radically open-minded” and “Provide thoughtful disagreement.”

It’s certainly not comfortable if someone ask you “When was the last time you were tested for STDs?” or to discuss about previous garners or birth control. But it’s absolutely necessary to bring it up with a positive pin for both of your sexual safety. It is important that both you and your partner are on the same page on this so you can enjoy better intimacy life together and feel comfortable knowing it’s safe and healthy.🌱

If your partner isn’t open to discuss this or not willing to share the history, he/she might need more sexual health education or not the right person for you.🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏻🙅🏼🙅🏽

It’s widely known that women of a certain age tend to experience vaginal dryness, even younger women can struggle with it. To make things more comfortable, lubricant would be really helpful. As recommended, natural, water-based lubricant is a good option. 🌱

Bring in toys and accessories into foreplay is also a great way to get aroused. You and your partner get to explore new technologies and take adventure together, isn’t it exciting? 😍

“You could be aroused physically but not mentally, or vice versa, so you may just need to give yourself more time to warm up.”❤️

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Little Whale
erotica_peach (Canada)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
This Little Whale will be your new best friend!

Cuddly Buddy Collection has new toys and I am so excited for them! This Little Whale was an amazing experience. I also have the original cuddly bird design which is one of my favourite toys so far. Since I have tried both toys I can make a quick review/comparison of both together.

As someone who enjoys more external/clit stimulation rather than penetrative stimulation with my toys, Little Whale was a perfect mix of vibration, pulsation and licking motion. Cuddly Bird has amazing suction features but I consider that it lacked vibration. Little Whale has amazing vibration power for those who enjoy those features and it also has really good suction power. I absolutely love the fact that you can remove the upper suction "mouth" for anyone who either needs that adjustment or simply wants to enjoy the licking motion more often. I found that the licking motion was a bit fast even at its lowest level and it didn't seem natural to me but I also know this is a personal preference and I know others who enjoy the vibration and faster licking motion toys. This one is perfect for anyone who would like to combine all three aspects. I also use it with my partner during sex and it just adds a lot to it. My partner also enjoys the vibration of it and it enhances the pleasure.

I honestly don't really use the self-warming feature, I am not saying it is not a good feature, but I personally feel better without it as it tends to heat up quite a bit on the "belly" of the whale where I place my hand to hold it.

I think overall it is a beautiful toy and it just has all the different elements that any other person would enjoy. I've been using it for a couple of months now and the quality is really good, as usual. Have you tried it? Let me know what you think? (@erotica_peach)

- Erotica Peach

Cuddly Bird
Morgan (United States)
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Strong toy for a quick O

I got my cuddly buddy about a month ago (I like to get to know my toys before writing a review). I am very happy with it! It's outside is super soft and a little squishy which is so much nicer then hard plastic. I did have a bit of an adjustment period at the beginning because the suction is WAY stronger than my last one. And I mean STRONG! Half the time I don't even have to go past the first setting! I find the vibration part is definitely weaker but it's still nice, especially when you back and forth between suction and vibration.

Punk Rock Leather Choker

The only two difference (or downsides) is less spikes than whats shown and colors are slightly pastel in person rather than vibrant (if you are picky with what you purchase), other then that you are getting exactly whats in the pictures and they package it well making sure that it keeps its shape! (The second and third ones are to show how big and small it can be)

Punk Rock Leather Choker

Punk Rock Leather Choker

Cuddly Bird
Jennis (United States)
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Better than I expect!

The package actually arrived earlier than expected. I was so happy I ordered before the Christmas traffic jam. The toy has a very smooth body and the size fits my hand perfectly. I have to admit it was my first time trying this kind of sonic pulsation and IT IS THE BEST ORGASM I EVER HAD!! Put a towel underneath, my friendly reminder. Highly recommend!!!