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10 Signs You Lack of Self Love

Written by Cuddly Team __________________________ Self-love is an important aspect to your wellbeing. It impact how you view yourself, the decision you make and your relationship with others. You may have grownup in an undesirable situation, and these circumstances can make loving yourself extremely difficult. Self-love is a serious and sensitive subject. Our posts are for informative purpose only and there’s no intention to service as professional help. If you feel you are struggling, please seek professional help. 1. You hide your true self from others You change around others and hide certain personalities. This process as known as “masking”. You are afraid to be judged by others and adjust yourself to make-up for it. 2. You overanalyze your own...

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6 Things Women Need For A Happy & Healthy Sex Life

Written by Cuddly Team __________________________ Many scientific studies have shown that sex can actually help improve heart health and the body's immune system. It has also shown to lower levels of stress and anxiety within a person. On top of that, having a strong and active sex life with your partner can really boost the level of intimacy that you have in a relationship. And that is absolutely crucial for maintaining a strong and healthy romance between the two of you. Here are 6 things you can do to have a healthy and happy sex life. Says Dr. Kerner “Knowing what feels good, what turns you on, what turns you off, the stimulation you need to move through the process...

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7 Easy Ways To Be More Sexually Confident

Written by Cuddly Team __________________________ Confidence is not something we are born with and it takes practise to feel confident in life. Many people suffer from imposter syndrome and being insecure about their bodies, it's even harder to feel secure and confident in the bedroom.   Many reasons can cause the lack of confidence: your culture, original familial environment you grown up with, or traumatized experience. Here are 7 easy ways for you to start practising, take baby steps and grow your sex-confidence. 1. Take inventory of your feelings Journaling about your personal experiences with sex (whether it’s about conversations you’ve had or sexual acts you’ve engaged in) can allow you to gain a 360-view of why you may not...

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